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June 10 , 2013 04:44 PM
Moses Lake Tri 2013 The Moses Lake Triathlon was held Saturday, June 8th at Blue Heron Park, Moses Lake, WA with over 250 athletes in the Olympic and Sprint divisions. In addition to the triathlon, the Run for Your Life 5 and 10k run was held. The weather was clear, dry, and HOT. A few people were talking about taking a dip in the lake AFTER the event to cool down. Vastly different to 2012 when it was cool and light rain. Free pictures of the finish are online and availab ......
February 1 , 2013 01:58 PM in SnoX
Here is some of the action from Sledfest 2012

Sledfest 2012 from Bill Epoch on Vimeo.

June 11 , 2012 05:17 PM
Moses Lake Tri 2012 The MOses Lake Triathlon was held Saturday, June 9th at Blue Heron Park, Moses Lake, WA. Over two hundred athletes in the Olympic and Sprint divisions. In conjunction with the triathlon, the Run for Your Life 5 and 10k run was held. The weather was cool, overcast, and windy...with just a sprinkle of rain to keep things interesting. Free pictures of the finish will be available for download Monday the 11th, late night. ......
April 25 , 2012 12:34 PM in SnoX
Sledfest 2012 The fourth annual Sledfest was full of excitement and fabulous weather to boot. RMSHA participated in the event on Friday and Saturday with many of the riders sticking around for the MWR HillCross and HillDrags on Saturday and Sunday. All photos are now online. Click on galleries in the menu above. ......
March 26 , 2012 03:38 PM in Timelapse
Serious cloud action!

My first serious attempt at a short image blend timelapse and a longer duration timelapse for smooth transition.

March 26 , 2012 10:10 AM in SnoX
A Soggy Season Final The season went out in soggy fashion at West this year. Three days of rain, with a token appearance of sun spinkled in as a teaser now and then but the track held up very well considering. FREE PHOTOS - 120, Transition The images on the website in the categories listed above can be downloaded free of charge. Please note these are low resolution and are not suitable for large prints. High resolution images are available for purchase on the website if needed. You will need to ......
February 23 , 2012 01:50 PM in SnoX
Island Park SnoCross - Feb 18-19 The Hungry Bear Market and Towing hosted the MWR SnoCross races this past weekend. This was my first trip to Island Park and I was hoping for clear weather in order to get my bearings. I arrived after dark Friday and could not see what the lay of the land was like and that night a storm settled in and lasted thru Saturday, so still no view of the area. A full day of racing along with a Sweethearts Race at the end of the day and still socked in, hopefully Sunday ......
December 19 , 2011 01:45 AM in News
We picked up a Toyhauler this summer and I thought it needed it's own garage, so off to the local building supply I went. I got lucky with the weather, it only snowed (very little) when we raised the trusses. Gary, Travis, Justin, and I put them in place one morning, it went very smooth. This was a fun project. I put temporary walls up for this winter, then next summer I will put some metal on at least the west side where the sun beats down. For the front, I plan on ......
December 18 , 2011 10:16 PM in News
I am in the process of converting all the video and slideshow files to HD. The files will be viewable on this site in High Definition and can be maximized to fill your monitor. I recommend doing this because the images are more impressive the larger you can make them. It will be a while before I get all the files converted, so check back often. You can access the video and slideshows using the link at the top and bottom of the page. More categories will be added as the co ......
December 6 , 2011 07:01 AM in News
This is a new look and will take a bit to get used to the format.  All the image galleries are available thru the Gallery link if you want to purchase images or just have a look around.  If you are a returning customer or client, there is a login area on the right side of the page.  Registering on the site allows you to save favorites and shopping carts that you can come back to at a later date.